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  Exmouth Life Boat Station
Exmouth Bespoke Joiners

Transforming Exmouth's Lifeboat Station

When we view the new Exmouth Lifeboat Station with its clean lines and simple elegance, it is immediately apparent that this unique building will withstand the severe tests of the coastal elements for the 100 years required in the brief of the RNLI.

With a striking combination of Iroko hard wood, Red cedar and Stone the professionals involved show a deep satisfaction and an understandable pride in the qualities of durability seen in their workmanship.  They share a knowledge that this exceptional building will last far longer than the century required.

Woodley's Joinery, responsible for the Iroko wood frame, windows and the beautiful fortress-like doors, speak with respect for the design knowledge of the Architects and their understanding of 'detail changes' conscientious craftsmen make. 

In fact the RNLI, committed to longevity in an institution which must span the centuries, also understood and condoned Woodley’s efforts in ensuring that they could deliver the best they were capable of. Not a small thing when we look at Woodley's outstanding craftsmanship across nearly 100 years in Devon.

Eli Wheaton, a Wheel Wright Joiner, began this conscientious journey from Newton Poppleford in 1920 and can be seen as the founder of Woodley’s Joinery. He worked upon the same site as the factory now stands and served the community as a true village craftsman for more than 30 years.

It is from this honest beginning that Woodley’s draws it strengths, through the passing of knowledge, skill  and each craftsman’s highly underrated wisdom through the tradition of first class training so evident within the company, so over the years creating the specialist modern joiners workshop and team we see today. 

Within the larger commercial sector and on large jobs where the talents of a specialised team are required Woodley’s really show their colours as highly trained craftsmen working in partnership with architects and quality builders to produce custom crafted results.

Woodley's work includes the production of bespoke stairways, windows, doors and conservatories and have been working with discerning clients across the decades very successfully, building on a reputation of excellence and quality.

Woodley's MD Bryan Woodley  “We always retain an eye for detail and offering  advice  from the wood workers perspective. We are proud of the work we have done for the RNLI and wish the lifeboat staff  a long and happy occupancy”.

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