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Woodley's new kick treadle wheel

Woodley's Joinery started making Potter's Wheels in the late 1940's and continued to create the same model up until 1979 when unfortunately Bryan's father, Jack Woodley, passed away.

His two sons had assisted in making many Potter's Wheels and had many years of experience in the joinery industry at that time. After the death of Jack, Woodley's ceased the manufacturing of the Potter's Wheel as they were not economical to make and they wanted to concentrate on the joinery element of the business.

His son, Bryan had also wanted to make the Potter's Wheel but the economics restricted the manufacture of them. Over the years, Bryan put a lot of thought into how Woodley's Joinery could get back into making them.


Bryan decided to make a better Potter's Wheel using all of the knowledge gained through his father's time and understanding first-hand the needs and problems experienced by potters.

As a fully skilled, qualified joiner, Bryan set about redesigning the Potter's Wheel. After several prototypes started and not completed, and after Bryan had taken the decision to retire, he found he had the time to dedicate himself to the project.

What you see now is a result of his hard work and enthusiasm to relaunch the traditional potter's wheel with a modern twist.