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Why choose wood for windows and doors?
Joiner East Devon
Joiner East Devon
Joinery East Devon
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Joiner East Devon
We use local companies who supply us with responsibly sourced wood from legally managed sources and countries operating managed foresting policies with proven chains of custody.

External joinery when finished with today’s highly developed water based paints & stains, equates to being a much better choice for the environment - with the latest wood technologies and manufacturing techniques and processes uPVC has been removed as being the only option for thermally efficient windows, with real wood windows also having a look and feel that surpasses that of plastic.

Wood's cellular structure makes it warmer to the touch – without needing thermal breaks as with plastic and metal-based products.

With modern high-tech & high performance locking systems, handles, fittings & draught seals available, purpose-made joinery products have a high degree of capability & adaptability available to them.

With appropriate care and attention wood products will outlast plastic, and although seemingly more costly initially, wood will provide better value for money in the long run, whilst also being kinder to the environment.

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