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Hardwood, Softwood, Engineered timber sections or in Accoya
Based in Newton Poppleford, Woodley's Joinery have been producing high quality wooden products for over 100 years. All our staff are
fully trained and our working practices are regularly monitored by independent bodies.
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Woodley's Otter
"The Woodley's Otter is a high performance window, ideal for exposed areas. Designed to take wooden windows to a higher level of performance."
Otter Window
What's special about the Woodley's Otter?
Window Joiner Devon High performance, allows 24mm double glazing units
Window Joiner Devon Overcomes problems including rebate depths and framework
bespoke Windows Devon Deep sash groove, directing water away from the frame
Bespoke Windows Devon Double rebated and draught seals
Bespoke Windows Devon Stainless steel hinge allows for easy cleaning access
Window Joiner Devon Expagnolette locking system
Bespoke Windows Devon Designed for dry glazed ventilated and drained cavity systems
Woodley's Otter Specification
Window Joiner Devon Available in Hardwood or softwood
Window Joiner Devon Complete with double draught seals
bespoke Windows Devon Night vents, 18mm deep rebate, combe jointed
Bespoke Windows Devon Double rebated and draught seals
Bespoke Windows Devon Designed to accept 24mm double glazing (not supplied)
Window Joiner Devon Deep flood channel, deep mortar groove
Window Joiner Devon Stop morticed head, glazing rebate drainage holes
Window Joiner Devon Suitable for locations of high exposure
Window Joiner Devon Ideal for new and listed buildings
Bespoke Windows Devon Also suitable for replacement fitting
Window Joiner Devon Protection from water and draughts
Bespoke Joiner Devon
Window Joiner Devon Various still fronts
Window Joiner Devon Inner sill boards
Window Joiner Devon Espagnolette multipoint locking
Window Joiner Devon Can be reverse beaded for added security
Window Joiner Devon Full factory spray finish
Full Details
Most wooden windows produced today are a modification of traditionally accepted designs. This has often presented glazing problems regarding rebate depths within the framework section. The 'Otter' design takes wooden windows to a higher level of performance.

The new 'Otter' window overcomes these problems with a deeper rebate. The casement sash and frame are overlapped, so reducing the overall visible section which incorporates double rebated and draught seals.

We pride ourselves as being the premier Devon bespoke window experts. The frame is rebated and fitted with the inner draught seal to the casement openings. The same depth rebate is used in openings for direct glazing and uses matching beads.

The natural warmth of hardwood and softwood combined with gently bevelled moulding give the 'Otter' window attractive clean lines and with a factory applied finish it will give long lasting protection and pleasure.

Bespoke Window Joiner Devon